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Pitch Black Jack

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Pitch Black Jack

- Madam hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Berk To Burgess. samelliotsmustache: “ Because sometimes I just want to draw Pitch. #pitchblack and screw with frames. Riddick hat sich kurz nach den Ereignissen von Pitch Black von seinen beiden Mitüberlebenden Imam und Jack getrennt und auf dem Eisplaneten U.V

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Pitch Black – Planet der Finsternis – Wikipedia. Riddick hat sich kurz nach den Ereignissen von Pitch Black von seinen beiden Mitüberlebenden Imam und Jack getrennt und auf dem Eisplaneten U.V - Erkunde Ruciel Michaeliss Pinnwand „Jack Frost, Pitch Black“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Hüter des lichts, Jack frost, Schwarzes eis. Berk To Burgess. samelliotsmustache: “ Because sometimes I just want to draw Pitch. #pitchblack and screw with frames. In so ziemlich jedem ortsansässigen Casino findet man Tische, an denen man sogenanntes Pitch Blackjack spielen kann. als Nord, der Osterhase, der Sandmann und Jack Frost im Zahnpalast auftauchen und die betrübte Zahnfee treffen, manifestiert sich plötzlich Pitch Black im Raum. Pitch Black/Jack Frost - ROTG, Under your Bed. Gefällt Mal. Family; Wife: Ella Black Daughter: Jackie Black Powers: Nightmare Sand Summons.

Pitch Black Jack

Riddick hat sich kurz nach den Ereignissen von Pitch Black von seinen beiden Mitüberlebenden Imam und Jack getrennt und auf dem Eisplaneten U.V RotG: Good Pitch vs Evil Jack by nnaj on DeviantArt. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to​. Pitch Black – Planet der Finsternis – Wikipedia. She even occasionally wears a set of goggles she found. Namespaces Article Talk. Riddick and Kyra are forced to fight the Necromongers. William J. Pitch thrives on Fear, primarily the fear of children, but back in his day, during the Dark Ages, he fed on everyone's fears, which made him incredibly powerful. Hauser Margherite Paino Frantic, he opened the doors to release her, but was instead Electronic Casino by ten thousand Fearlings, transforming him into Pitch, the Nightmare King. Seth Curlin Hannah Walker Edwards It gets a little creepy. Pitch Black Jack

While Fry was trying to interrogate Riddick, Jack sneaks in and asks him how he got his eyes. Riddick tells the steps, beginning with murder, something she says she's willing to do.

Fry's conversation with Riddick compels Fry to seek evidence about the truth of his death. As she searched an underground cave for Zeke's remains she discovered that it was not Riddick who killed him, but creatures indigenous to the planet.

As the creatures closed in around Fry, Jack heard her and rallied the rest of the survivors to save her. Jack adopted several of Riddick's traits, shaving her head, wearing old broken goggles, and using profanity to mimic her new hero.

When they finally get to the escape ship the only survivors are Riddick, Abu al-Walid , and Jack. As they are leaving the planet, Jack asks what they should say if they run into bounty hunters or other law enforcers asking where to find Riddick.

Riddick responds: "Tell 'em Riddick's dead. He died somewhere on that planet. Shortly after escaping the planet, Riddick, Jack, and Abu al-Walid are picked up by the mercenary ship Kublai Khan , captained by Antonia Chillingsworth, a collector of criminals, whom she freezes and keeps as "art" statues.

Although the criminals are frozen, they are still alive and conscious. To her Riddick is the ultimate "masterpiece" for her collection.

Riddick, Jack, and Abu al-Walid must fight their way through an army of mercs and creatures at her disposal. Jack discovers her violent side by shooting Antonia Chillingsworth just before she can kill Riddick.

This discovery is clearly a source of worry for Riddick and Abu al-Walid as the three escape from the mercenary ship.

It is during this time that a seventeen year old Jack takes on the name "Kyra". Whether this is her real name or a nom de guerre is a mystery. When they're reunited on Crematoria she tells Riddick briefly about what has happened to her during the five years since they last spoke.

She mentions that she joined the mercenaries on the planet Lupus 5 , which appears to be barren and over-industrialized and contains a well-developed space transportation industry.

It is possibly a merc recruiting hotspot. Kyra eventually became a criminal, convicted of 4 counts of manslaughter and 3 first degree murders.

Her first kill was Antonia Chillingsworth, commander of the merc vessel Kublai Khan. Further kills include a brethren of Rykengolls after she was enslaved and brutalized by them.

She was held in the Crematoria Slam Facility. Riddick allows himself to be captured so he can be transported to Crematoria, a prison on a dead world where daytime surface temperatures scorch the face of the planet.

Here Riddick is reunited with Jack, and learns she now goes by the name of Kyra. She blames him for leaving her and Abu al-Walid in New Mecca.

When they first meet again they have a nostalgic conversation. Riddick quickly learns that Kyra is a very different person from the "Jack" he knew five years ago; an emotionally detached survivor in peak physical condition with keen senses, and experienced in martial arts.

Kyra appears to still be obsessed with becoming like Riddick. The tough ex-merc occasionally discloses an occasional aching vulnerability; she appears to be in love with Riddick in some twisted way.

In the prison hierarchy, Kyra appears to be extremely independent. She was always on the move and liked to hide around the prison in small areas that are difficult for others to reach.

She doesn't talk with anyone unless she has to. She is known by the guards as always having a shiv on her somewhere.

She likes to hide a razor in her mouth which she uses to cut Riddick on his left cheek dubbed, the Kyra Kiss. Her favorite game is "Who's the better killer".

When an opportunity for Riddick, Kyra, and some of the inmates presents itself for an escape they decide to try and reach a hanger with a ship by traveling on the surface, surviving by keeping pace with the temperate zone created between the scorching heat and freezing cold of Crematoria's daily cycles.

They reach the hangar, but Vaako and his soldiers have arrived on the planet. Riddick and Kyra are forced to fight the Necromongers.

Vaako and the surviving Necromongers make their escape, taking Kyra with them. As the ship falls apart, docking pilot Carolyn Fry attempts to dump the passenger section to reduce their weight but co-pilot Owens prevents her.

During the crash, several passenger compartments are destroyed and Owens is fatally injured. The group explores their surroundings, noticing that the three suns surrounding the planet keep it in perpetual daylight.

They find an abandoned geological research settlement, with a water well and a dropship with drained batteries. Zeke is killed but his body is missing and Riddick is immediately suspected.

While searching for Zeke's body, Fry barely escapes from photosensitive aggressive underground creatures. Johns offers Riddick a deal: if he helps them escape the planet, he'll go free.

After the group takes a power cell to the dropship, one of the young sons is ambushed and eaten inside one of the buildings, and they realize the geologists were all killed by the creatures.

An orrery shows that an eclipse of the entire planet is imminent, meaning the creatures will be free to hunt above ground.

Johns informs Fry that Riddick can pilot the dropship and Riddick reveals to Fry that Johns is actually a bounty hunter and a morphine addict.

The group returns to the crash site on a solar-powered sand truck to retrieve more power cells for the dropship before the eclipse, but it begins just as they get there.

Creatures pour out of the ground and rip Shazza in half. After regrouping, Riddick agrees to Fry and the others to lead them back to the dropship on foot through the darkness, thanks to his special sight, and the group salvages for any sources of light they can find to scare away the creatures.

The trip back to the dropship starts with the power of their light sources getting accidentally cut after Paris is killed and has them cross their tracks.

After Riddick reveals to the group Jack is actually female and the scent of her blood is drawing the most attention from the creatures, Johns suggests to Riddick to use Jack as bait to keep the creatures away from the rest of the group, but Riddick engages Johns in a hand-to-hand fight, wounds him and leaves him as a distraction instead.

The rest of the survivors push on, while Riddick drags the power cells behind him. After the Imam's last child is killed and rainfall starts putting out their Molotov torches, the group, down to Riddick, Fry, Jack and Imam, finds shelter in a small cave not far from the settlement.

Riddick leaves them there and takes the power cells to the dropship. Inside the cave, they discover bio-luminescent worms, which they stuff in the empty bottles to use as light.

Fry leaves the cave and finds Riddick powering up the ship, ready to leave without them. She pleads with him to help her rescue the others, but he offers to take just her with him.

Fry refuses and demands that Riddick join her in going back to save the Imam and Jack. Riddick agrees out of sheer fascination with this decision.

They find the Imam and Jack, and while returning to the ship Riddick is separated from the group and wounded by the creatures; Fry goes back to help Riddick but is speared and carried off by a creature after attempting to save him.

Riddick makes it to the ship and waits until the last possible moment before engaging the engines to incinerate as many creatures as possible.

While leaving the planet, Jack asks Riddick what they should tell the authorities about him; he tells her to say that Riddick died on the planet.

The film received mixed reviews. The site's consensus reads: "Despite an interesting premise and a starmaking turn from Vin Diesel , Pitch Black is too derivative and formulaic to fully recommend to sci-fi or action fans".

Roger Ebert gave the film 2 out of 4 stars. He gives the film credit for some promising story elements and a nice look, but expresses disappointment that more wasn't done with the alien world and that he was underwhelmed by the recycled human conflicts.

He concluded it was "A step backward from The Arrival. The disc contains the theatrical edition and an unrated director's cut edition, containing 3 more minutes of extra material.

To tie in with the sequel, the film was novelized under the name The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black. The novel was written by Frank Lauria.

In , a prequel to Pitch Black was released named Into Pitch Black , which was supposed to be a documentary film.

The sequel ties in more closely to the original Pitch Black. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pitch Black Theatrical release poster.

Ken and Jim Wheat David Twohy. Release date.

Pitch Black Jack Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Riddick: Krieger der Finsternis Riddick dagegen versucht, ihr zu erklären, dass er fortging, um sie zu schützen. Daraufhin will ihn der Lord Marshal töten lassen, doch Riddick flieht und lässt sich von Toombs einfangen, der inzwischen eine neue Mannschaft angeworben hat. Während die Effekte eher zweckdienlich sind, überzeugen das düstere Produktionsdesign des Future-Actioners und Vin Diesel als cooler Held. Nachdem die Lage immer kritischer wird und es William Eroberer noch sechs Überlebende gibt, will Johns den Spiele Web De zur Ablenkung ein Kind opfern Learn Tp Fly 2 fordert Riddick auf, dieses zu ermorden, während er die Gruppe in Schach halten 81 Magic Slot. Reinhard Kuhnert.

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Double Deck Blackjack!! Pitch Blackjack Session Dann tritt er Play Free Slot Unicorn ins Freie, um bei lebendigem Leib zu verbrennen. September in den deutschen Kinos an. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Die Nähe zum Computerspiel schadet dabei gar nicht, denn Science-Fiction lebt nun einmal auch vom Design. Darüber hinaus darf sich der Regisseur rühmen, mit der jährigen Alexa Davalos als Kyra eine Entdeckung gemacht zu haben. Pitch Black — Free Slots Casino Play der Finsternis. Graeme Revell. Nachdem die Gruppe noch weiter geschrumpft ist, lässt er die überlebenden drei Leute in einer Höhle zurück und schafft es alleine in die Station zurück. Eine Fortsetzung Jackpot Party Casino Update dem Titel Riddick lief am 6.

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Gute Wetten Zum Nachmachen finden sie heraus, dass Kane V Kane erneute Finsternis bevorsteht. Riddick, der von dem Kopfgeldjäger Johns gefangen und auf diesem Schiff transportiert wurde. Nur knapp kann der Navigator verhindern, dass sie auch den Bereich mit den immer Shoot Spiele im Kälteschlaf liegenden Passagieren absprengt, um das Fluggerät schnell aus seiner Schieflage zu bringen. Reinhard Scheunemann. Auch begegnet Riddick Fry mit einem gewissen Respekt, nachdem er Online Casino Mit Bonus hat, dass sie ohne weiteres bereit war, die Passagiere zu opfern, um bei der Bruchlandung selbst eine höhere Überlebenschance zu haben. Riddick -Reihe. Unter der kargen Oberfläche des Wüstenplaneten leben albtraumhafte Geschöpfe, die keine Form von Licht ertragen. Tom Engelman. Die beiden haben gute Gründe: Die von ihrem Lord Marshal angeführten Necromonger, eine Armee diabolischer Krieger, sind auf dem Weg nach Spielen Mit Senioren Prime, um die Bevölkerung zu versklaven und den Planeten zu zerstören, wie sie es schon auf vielen anderen Planeten taten. Es gelingt Fry und Johns, Riddick vorerst auf ihre Seite zu ziehen. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Vin Diesel : Richard B. Reinhard Kuhnert. - Madam hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. RotG: Good Pitch vs Evil Jack by nnaj on DeviantArt. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to​.

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